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Brent and Jaime Hemsley with their children, Hatcher, age 2, and Logan, 5,  in the lobby 
of Child Therapy Services.   With the June 1 opening of Child Therapy Services, the 
Hemsleys are eager to offer a wide range of services to children in the Knoxville area.

Therapy center opens to serve children with developmental delays

Two years ago, Brent and Jaime Hemsley found out their son, Logan, has autism. He was almost three years old, and the diagnosis was something they would have preferred to learn much sooner so they could begin getting services and therapy for their son. As loving and concerned parents, they were proactive at finding and utilizing local services and therapy for Logan — but finding help locally was exasperatingly difficult. Knoxville had very little to offer a family like the Hemsleys and appointments were tough to get. They frequently had to go out of Knoxville in their search. Waiting is agonizing when every day that goes by without needed services makes parents wonder if the lost time could ever be made up in the life of their child. [ Read the full story ]

Capitol Hill

Setting priories in federal spending

June 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

Governing is about setting priorities, and Senate Republicans are working to do just that by passing funding bills that support our troops, support important programs at Oak Ridge and help to conserve Tennessee’s great outdoors. Unfortunately, the Democratic minority has decided to block the Senate from even considering these funding bills because the president has threatened to veto them. That would be a dangerous practice. Congress has a constitutional responsibility to pass appropriations bills.  Article 1, Section 9, Clause 7 of the U.S. Constitution says “No Money shall be drawn from... [Read the full story]

Legal Briefs

Update on the NLRB’s “quickie election” rule

June 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

During March, for only the second time in history, both Houses of Congress approved a resolution under the Congressional Review Act disapproving the National Labor Relations Board’s controversial “quickie” or “ambush” union election rule.  The Senate adopted the disapproval resolution of the NLRB action on March 4th by vote of 53-46, and the House passed an additional measure on March 19th by a vote of 232-186.  On March 31st, President Obama vetoed the joint congressional resolution.  The Senate vote is 14 votes shy of the total needed to override the president’s veto.  Therefore,... [Read the full story]

Your Financial Planning

Planned giving provides all-around benefits

September 5, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

There’s certainly something to be said for spontaneous and random acts of generosity. But when it comes to making charitable donations, it may be wise to give some thought to the matter to try and get the most out of every dollar. Planned giving, usually arranged with the benefit of financial and legal experts, refers to strategies that can help you maximize your giving in a way that can be financially beneficial to everyone involved — including you, the donor. A little planning can make charitable donations go a long way When you think through and compare various options for charitable contributions,... [Read the full story]

Opinion / Editorials

American Family Care opens 5th Chattanooga-area clinic

June 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

FORT OGLETHORPE, Ga. — On June 10, American Family Care (AFC) announced it is opening its 5th medical center in the Chattanooga area, located at 29 Parkway Dr. in Fort Oglethorpe.  AFC is a pioneer in the concept of non-emergency room urgent care.  The company currently operates 144 locations in 26 states.  All AFC clinics are designed, equipped and staffed to provide accessible primary care, urgent care and minor emergency treatment.  The clinics feature a high-tech, high-touch approach, including digital X-rays, on-site lab testing, state-of-the-art diagnostics and electronic medical records. ... [Read the full story]

ETBJ Crossword

  Across     1  Chattanooga actress who starred in “Point Break” Lori ____     4  Chattanooga native who was Tom Jones’ manager, Dennis ____     8  Noted Victorian architect who was a Knoxville resident     9  “Weeping” tree   12  Wonderland drink   13  Vols follower, e.g.   15  Director of the... Read more of this article

Talking About Tennessee

Setting priories in federal spending

Governing is about setting priorities, and Senate Republicans are working to do just... 

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Your Financial Planning

Planned giving provides all-around benefits

There’s certainly something to be said for spontaneous and random acts of generosity.... 

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