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Ramsey House

Ramsey House to offer holiday dinner for second year

If you’re looking for a special way to celebrate the holidays this Christmas, you may want to consider treating yourself and loved ones to a very elegant dinner at the Historic Ramsey House in Knoxville. The home was built in 1797 by Francis and Peggy Ramsey, and is still completely furnished in authentic period pieces from that era. [ Read the full story ]

Capitol Hill

Let’s have the courage to stay out of war

October 31, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

As the only Republican left in Congress who voted against going to war in Iraq in 2002, I have been asked if there are lessons that apply today to the situation in Syria. I actually learned from the votes on both wars in Iraq, because I was there for the first one in 1991, too. I voted for the first Iraq War because I had gone to the briefings from the top generals and cabinet officials and heard how great the threat was from Saddam Hussein and his elite troops. I then watched as those same elite troops surrendered to American camera crews and empty tanks.  I realized, too late, that the threat... [Read the full story]

Legal Briefs

Tennessee’s workplace bullying law

October 31, 2014 · Leave a Comment 

On June 3, 2014, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed the “Healthy Workplace Act”.  This law applies to public employers, for now.  The law applies to all Tennessee state agencies, counties, metropolitan governments, municipalities and other political subdivisions of the state. Tennessee is the first state in the nation to enact such a law.  There are many organizations advocating for laws against workplace bullying in the private sector, as well, in most states.  At some point, Tennessee may pass a similar law against bullying for the private sector.  Therefore, private employers in... [Read the full story]

Your Financial Planning

Planned giving provides all-around benefits

September 5, 2010 · Leave a Comment 

There’s certainly something to be said for spontaneous and random acts of generosity. But when it comes to making charitable donations, it may be wise to give some thought to the matter to try and get the most out of every dollar. Planned giving, usually arranged with the benefit of financial and legal experts, refers to strategies that can help you maximize your giving in a way that can be financially beneficial to everyone involved — including you, the donor. A little planning can make charitable donations go a long way When you think through and compare various options for charitable contributions,... [Read the full story]

Opinion / Editorials

Catanzaro weathers a couple more storms

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Once again, controversy is swirling around Chattanooga State’s president, Jim Catanzaro.  And once again, his honesty is being called into question.  Since coming to Chattanooga State in 1990, Catanzaro has survived several controversies ranging from a headline grabbing divorce from his first wife to questions over his firing by a previous college — Triton Community College — he was employed by.  They accused him of misrepresenting college finances, circumventing bid and purchasing laws and personal spending on the college’s dime.  Another college he worked for, Lakeland Community College... [Read the full story]

New Incorporations

HAMILTON COUNTY Chef Lin Buffet 5084 S. Terrace Chattanooga, TN.  37412 Yong Can Yang TCG Services LLC 2863 Reflection Lane Ooltewah, TN.  37363 Cheri Martin Great South. Inst. Rentals 3305 MartinRd. Chattanooga, TN.  37415 Great South. Inst. Rentals Celebration! LLC 5746 Marlin Rd Chattanooga, TN.  37411 Mildred Plemons Pets Are People 2 LLC 915... Read more of this article

Talking About Tennessee

Propose a serious plan of action to secure the border

It is clear we are facing an unprecedented crisis at our border.  More than 57,000... 

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Your Financial Planning

Planned giving provides all-around benefits

There’s certainly something to be said for spontaneous and random acts of generosity.... 

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